Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Miniature Figurines 30mm Napoleonic Range

Over on his Glorious Little Soldiers blog, Andy Copestake has posted some pictures of his recently completed Miniature Figurines 30mm range Chasseurs a Cheval of the French Imperial Guard. From the various comments it is clear not too many people know Minifigs ever made these, and Andy himself says he has never seen any horses (his chasseurs are on Stadden or Willie mounts) or a listing anywhere for this range.

Always willing to help, here is the list, from the 1972/3 catalogue:

No horses here but there is a picture of one in an earlier post (from 2010) here, on which I see Andy had actually left two comments. This is the John Cross review of Miniature Figurines S Range and 30mm figure ranges from Military Modelling Magazine in August 1970. Some at least of the figures had separate arms.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

British Colonial Wagons

Two photos of two Colonial Wagons.

These are a mash up of Hinchliffe 20mm equipment range wagons, Minifigs S Range horse teams, and Jacklex crew and drivers.

I need to get round to photographing my S Range and Minifigs 20mm Colonial Project, which took up a fair bit of time earlier in the year. These will provide their logistic column.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Lamming Roman Empire RE4 Eastern Archer

By the miracle of the internet and the generosity of Dave in the States these RE4 Lamming Roman archers arrived shortly after my last post. Not the best time to be buying figures from the US but I was ready to make a special case for these. This means my Lamming Romans are finished - but if anyone has a couple of Lamming British Chariots going spare I am still on the lookout for those (hint hint)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lamming 1st/2ns Century Romans

I don't do Ancients but I have always had a soft spot for the Lamming Romans, which I used to buy one or two of a year from Bill Lamming at the Durham shows organised by Derek Sharman in the Student Union ballroom.

I've acquired these over the last twelve months or so in batches on ebay - a couple of units of legionaries painted, which I have just rebased, glued weapons and shields back on, and plastidipped them. The rest have been painted in the last six months or so and my recent run of clearing things that have been waiting on the painting table for a while.

Cavalry - there are two types here, cavalryman and Praetorians, but I am not sure which is which. Also decurions and a mounted general figure. I have too many cavalry for the size of the army but I couldn't just let them go...

Infantry: legionaries, auxiliaries, standard bearers, cornicers, centurions, and a tribune.

The two units of legionaries which were bought painted.

I could do with four of five pilae and shields and another infantry standard - if anyone has any spare I'd be glad to take them off your hands. I guess I could do with some RE/4 Eastern archers and one or two British Chariots, if anyone has them.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minifigs 20mm and S Range Gurkhas

This (above)  is CI 2 Gurkha Rifleman advancing from the Minifigs 20mm range while below is CI 2s, the same figure from the later S Range. Both are good figures and the photos demonstrate the differences between the ranges, the 20mm coming first and being replaced by the S Range.

Personally I like the Minifigs 20mm figure best, in light order as it is. Somehow you expect Gurkha figures to be slight, don't you?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A bit of a curiosity

Acquired recently from ebay, stripped and repainted, what I think must be a Minifigs 20mm/Alberken General's Coach. This is down to the driver figure and horses, which are too small for S Range. I do have an S Range open topped carriage - I haven't compared the two but this one seems a lot smaller than my memory of the other one.. However I haven't found any reference to a carriage in any Minifigs 20mm list.

A nice model, certainly unusual, and I was glad to find it.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lamming SYW Range - further discoveries

I have recently acquired some largish reinforcements of Lamming SYW foot figures. Nothing new here but there were a snall number of cavalry figures. There are dragoons with two horse varieties - these look similar to those already posted earleir, I have only compared the photos so far rather than the figures themselves; a cuirassier who seems different to the Prussian figure I have seen before; and a hussar variant with busby rather than Mirliton.

I am mainly concentrating on Medievals at the moment but once I start painting up the SYW foot I will have a go at constructing some kind of listing of all the Lamming SYW figures of which I am aware.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lamming Guard Chasseurs a Pied

Lamming didn't list any Chasseurs so these will be Grenadiers with a slightly different paint job. The pioneer/sapper is an S Range figure.

These figures came together with the SEGOM Dutch Grenadiers which can be seen here.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

More Lamming SYW

I recently bought a mixed ebay lot of some very heavily playworn S Range Jacobite Rebellion figures and some very nasty recasts of Lamming SYW figures.

I'm not complaining about this, as it was clear from the photograph, and they didn't cost much. but they did help with identification. The lot contained one Lamming SYW figure I had never seen before and another I have had examples of for a while, but hadn't realised was Lamming.

This means we can add to the Lamming SYW listing:

Highland officer
Highland grenadier
Highlander (I don't know enough about the period, but perhaps the shield slung on his back indicates Jacobite rather than Government Highlander?)

Minifigs 20mm Colonial Cavalry

Another ebay find has been these Miniature Figurines 20mm colonial cavalry. There are already some photos of these two figures elsewhere on this blog - BCC 3 17th Lancer charging and CC 1 Bengal Lancer - but as these ones are painted in a pleasing glossy style and the Bengal Lancers have their original lances I thought it was worth putting them up here (and adding them to the previous posts).

More Kirk cavalry

Another recent purchase from ebay. They are not pretty but reasonably effective. Hussars and Cuirassiers.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

More Lamming SYW French Light Infantry

Like buses...

having spent at least ten years with no Lamming SYW figures in sight, soon after buying Bill Lamming's display models for this range at auction in Driffield I bought two units of S range SYW French light infantry on ebay. The second unit, identified as a Croat Infantry battalion, included around 15 Lamming kneeling SYW figures. I think they work well together, as skirmishers and a formed company with command on which to rally.

Possible Lamming SYW Highlander

The quality of the casting and the shininess of the metal suggests this is not an original figure, but its similarity to some of the Lamming SYW figures leads me to think this may be a Lamming SYW Highlander grenadier. As I have never seen a list of the Lamming SYW range this suspicion is almost impossible to confirm - unless you know different, of course.

Unit Pictures - Douglas Napoleonic Spanish battalion

using NP1 and NP3 figures

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lamming SYW figures

(click on the photo to enlarge)

I have been working out how to base and use the Lamming SYW figures I bought at auction from Bill Lamming.

I wanted to be able to use them as single figures but also in units so I have decided to mount them on pennies and then in the 1p movement trays from War Bases

In theory this means I don't need to have a tray for each unit but just have a stack and use them as required - this was sort of the theory behind Minifigs S range moving to two piece cavalry castings with the horse furniture on the riders, so that you just swapped horses around and didn't need one per rider - this never worked out in practice for me, as I just bought one horse per rider anyway.

I've tried these figures against S Range Jacobite Rebellion figures but they won't work together for me. The SYW range were pretty bulky so the slimmer SYW S Range figures might work better. The good news however is that it looks like they should work well with the rather fine new Red Box Jacobite Rebellion figures which could provide additional British Infantry, Loyalist and Militia Infantry, and Highlanders. These figures are a little shorter and slighter but I hope within acceptable limits. Interestingly, in my attempts to buy the Highland Infantry set, it turns out the boxes shipped to both Harfields and Hannants contain the Militia and Loyalist Infantry figures instead.

For artillery pieces I have tried Minifigs and Fine Scale factory with limited success, so have settled on the rather lovely Art Miniaturen French battalion gun instead.

So far the only unit I have finished is the British Infantry Regiment. Some of the others are only waiting for plastidip spray on the newly painted bases, and others are waiting for a fresh supply of 1p pieces (as are the Red Box plastics).

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wargames Foundry 20mm WW11 Range

Wargames Foundry now have their complete WW11 20mm range available again on their web site here

They have them at an introductory price of £9 per pack of ten figures and £5 per tank crew pack, so if you want some now might be a good time to get them.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Warrior ECW listing

This is the listing of the (old) Warrior ECW range from a catalogue dated May 1973. I have had the scans for quite some time so I must have forgotten to post them earlier.

I also have some photos from anebay auction.

The figures were very flashy and I suspected they might be recasts rather than original figures, so was able to resist the temptation to bid.

They do, however, illustrate some of the range quite well.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bill Lamming's lost range -Seven Years War

Vintage 20mil in their history of Lamming Miniatures stated:

Lamming’s first 20mm range covered the Seven Years War. It was launched early in 1968 and included British, French, Austrian and Prussian troops. The details we have of the range are sketchy but it appears that it included all arms, some artillery pieces and a fairly wide variety of troop types including a mounted British colonel. A photo in Wargamer’s Newsletter shows a gun and four-man artillery crew plus an officer. Infantry figures sold at one shilling (5p) and cavalry for 2/6d (12 p).

By 1970, when Lamming launched his 20mm Napoleonic range, the Seven Years War range seems to have been dropped. Adverts for The Northern Garrison in 1970s issues of Scale Models mention only the Napoleonics and in an article on gaming the Jacobite Rebellion that appeared in Miniature Warfare in January 1972 author Stuart Reid states "Lamming are no longer producing Seven years War figures".

I was very pleased at the time of my earlier post to have found a few figures from this range. Now, following a heads up from Doug of Unfashionably Shiny, I have rather more progress to report.

A couple of days before it was due to take place, Doug let me know of an auction taking place in Driffield on 23rd March 2013. This was described as follows:

To include THE LAMMING COLLECTION - the promotional display collection of painted die-cast scale models & military figures of Lamming Miniatures, Hull, on instructions from Mr W H Lamming who has retired

Lot 352 was described as Lamming, Seven Year War painted diecast figures, approximately one hundred and ninety figures, etc, including foot soldiers from three different regiments, cavalry, skirmishers, three gun crews and cannons, etc (190)

I wasn't able to attend or make a remote bid, but on checking after the sale and finding they were unsold, I bought this lot sight unseen for the reserve price, and on Monday was able to pick them up. I was very glad to find that they were what I had hoped for, as this had been a risk, despite the provenance.

The photo at the top of this post shows the mounted British Colonel mentioned in the Vintage20mil description. Below are some further pictures of some of these figures. They are extremely well painted for the time and the cavalry have very nice replacement pin swords - the curved light cavalry sabres are particularly fine. There are one or two figures from other manufacturers. If anyone can help with identifying troop types that would be helpful - SYW is not one of my main periods.

I am posting photographs of individual figures in a series of posts below, in what should be the most detailed description of this range yet available. I have never seen a list of this range and I haven't been able to put an outline one together here, as all the undersides of bases have been filed so the only legible code is the P/1 on some unpainted examples of the Prussian Grenadier I acquired from ebay recently. If anyone has such a list, I would be very glad to hear from you.

I am very glad to have found these figures and to now be able to give a reasonable representation of what must be at least a majority of this short lived range. i am also very pleased thath the figures have turned out to be as lovely as they are.