Monday, 17 August 2009

GHQ 20mm Napoleonic 1796-1815 range

Vintage 20mil says of these figures:

A US company originally based in Minneapolis and best known for its micro-armour range, GHQ began life in 1968. Some time in 1972 the company, owned by Gregory Scott, issued a range of 20mm Napoleonic figures which were described by one reviewer in Wargamer’s Newsletter as being “smaller and more delicate” than the Les Higgins 25mm Napoleonic range. They came with separate heads and were apparently very highly detailed. An article in the December 1974 issue of Wargamer’s Newsletter states that Old Guard (New Hope Design) of Rothbury, Northumberland would soon be importing these 20mm figures to the UK and selling them at 6p for infantry and 12p for cavalry. A Seven Years War range that included Prussians and Highlanders was added in 1975. According to Garratt the range were issued under licence in Britain under the name Guardsman presumably by Old Guard. There may also have been a range of buildings.

I had only ever seen one picture of a single painted figure, but when I was redoing the scans of the Der Kriegspielers listings posted below from a 1975 Walthers catalogue, I realised I had missed it also had a listing for this range, with a substantial number of photographs. There seem to have been two characteristic infantry poses (the firing figures looking particularly elegant) and the artillery models are an interesting choice.


Jay Stribling said...

I have some of these little GHQ guys. I would be glad to send you a sample figure if you would like that.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Jay, that would be fantastic. It's not very obvious on the site, but if you look at the end of the "how to contact me" box in the right hand column on the blog hom page (below the picture of the Lamming Highlanders) clicking on the word "here" at the end of the second paragraph will give you an e-mail link. If you e-mail me I'll send you my address. Thanks!



Clive Norman said...

Hi Clive, I've got a few of these. In fact I think I have an entire Prussian battalion and a few other odds and sods. They are very thin and spindly, especially the weapons but have a certain charm. We'll have to arrange for me to come round some time and give you a peek! cheers Clive {N}