Monday, 17 August 2009

Der Kriegspieler: new scans

I have made some better scans from the 1975 Walthers catalogue of the listings for Der Kriegspieler 25mm figures. These are not direct replacements for the one in earlier posts, as I had broken them down further into nationalities, so rather than try to match them up I have reposted them here (below). I have included the WW11 Panzertroops for the first time.

The picture with this post is of a battalion of Der Kriegspieler Portuguese infantry. These are an example of Der Kriegspieler figures almost identical to their Hinton Hunt counterparts. I have two battalions of the Hinton Hunt figures and once I have decided whether I need to repaint them I will post some pictures of these over on the Hinton Hunter. The DKs are noticeably thinner, suggesting they were cast from other original figures. I have added packs to them, the officers are Hinton Hunt, the standard bearer is from Kennington, and the drummer from NapoleoN.

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