Monday, 17 August 2009

Der Kriegspieler Accessories 15-30mm


MSFoy said...

I was aware that the Waterloo and Borodino packs included a rule book, but am surprised to see that the Napoleonique game was hex-based. As a confirmed user of hexes, this has my full attention. Also, the hexes seem to be about 100mm, or some inch equivalent, which is similar to modern systems, but seems an odd choice since it is too small to contain a complete unit.

Anyone ever seen a set of these rules? - they are bound to be a copy of someone else's, you would think!


The Old Metal Detector said...

Tony, wouldn't they be the Frappe set (can't get the acute on) in the post on books and rules below.

Vintage20mil says Figure manufacturer best known for its (ahem!) "modified" Hinton Hunt Napoleoniques range issued two rule sets compiled by Duke Siefert and others in the early-1970s

Frappe! "A Miniature Wargame Of Tactical Manoeuvre In The Napoleonic Era". Written by Ray Johnson. The Wargamers’ Library Volume One. Ground scale Figure scale 1:10 no ground scale given. Illustrated with pictures of Kriegspieler figures. Designed to be played on a hexed terrain board. 31 pages of rules plus appendices on armies, accessories etc. According to a review in The Courier in Frappe the 12pdr has a range of 9 feet and hussars charge 48 inches. A big table clearly required!
Napoleonique "A Miniature Wargame Of Strategical-Tactical Manoeuvre In The Napoleonic Era". (This set was re-issued as "Napoleonique Encore" in the 1990s)



MSFoy said...

Clive - yes, believe you're right. Jim Getz' original game described in some detail at

the idea of "imaginary" hexes is not uncommon - Doc Monaghan's "Big Battalions" rules more recently made use of the same idea, where all measurements are made in "bands", where the band varies according to figure size - Monaghan uses 6" for 25mm figures. I think a discussion of rules is probably better suited to your Vintage Wargames blog, so will stop now.

Am impressed by the range and scope of the DK line - if they went to all this trouble, makes me wonder why did they use such derivative figures?

New DK scan a big improvement - thanks once more for your efforts.


Snickering Corpses said...


If you know anyone looking for DK parts, I've got a bag of what I believe is the 825-4000 4-man infantry stands.