Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ACW Unit: Rose AC8 Private in Hardy hat advancing

This is my five-hour regiment - how long it took to paint and base them. The figures are new casts from Rob at Garrison, and they are led by an AC1 officer and AC2 colour bearer, both in kepi. The sword arm on the officer, to my eye, is inordinately long. The Rose figures are stylised and maybe lack detail, but I like them and these were a pleasure to paint. I have a stash of Napoleonic Officers which I plan to add to Les Higgins units, to provide a little more animation. I am waiting my share (600-700) of a collection of vintage castings of Napoleonic figures so I thought I would paint myself into a Rose frame of mind with these


DC said...
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Don said...

I too have supplemented my original Rose ACW castings with Rob's new figures. I think they have a certain charm about them that appeals to me as well.