Monday, 15 September 2008

Small dilemmas and comments please

My original intention for this blog has been to look at figures from 20mm manufacturers other than Hinton Hunt, and to concentrate on ranges which are no longer in production (on the basis that the people selling them should advertise them themselves). However, there are several ranges which are of interest but produced on a very small scale and which have no web presence. An example is the Thomas 20mm ACW range from the 1950s. I am waiting for a copy of the listings from the States (thanks Don) and intend shortly to post pictures of the equipment and figures i currently have.

A much bigger undertaking would to be to look at the Minifigs S range. I've been pleasantly surprised how well these two blogs (TOM and the Hinton Hunter) have worked as catalogues. Of course the blogger software is not really designed for this use and the main limitation is the use of labels to posts as a search facility. I don't want the list of labels to be so long as to be impossible to use, and the S Range is very large and will need quite a a few labels of its own.

I am therefore thinking of starting a third blog for S Range.

I would be very interested to receive any comments on whether this would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see another blog for the s range.


Stryker said...


I think the Minifigs deserve a seperate blog - really looking forward to seeing it!