Friday, 5 September 2008

Kirk Miniature Figures

Just to show not everything in the vintage 20mm shop was rosy, here are some examples of Kirk Miniatures figures. I have no comprehensive listing for this manufacturer. They seem to have produced Napoleonic and Crimean War lines, and it is probably fairest to say their quality was variable. The figures seem fairly roughly cast and are on circular bases. The examples I have all have filed bases so I don't know whether they carried code numbers. It is also fair to say that all the Kirk figures in my collection have had very rough paint jobs so they don't look their best. The Brunswick infantry figures (in litewka or polrock) are perfectly acceptable and repainted nicely, and the Crimean Wars Zouaves (thanks to John for these pictures) look quite reasonable. The figures were produced in the early 1970s. The original box I have has hand written in ink on the side, "Napoleonic Austrian-Hungarian Infantry. 10 figures @ 20mm 10/-". This would date these figures to before 15th February 1971.


PAUL said...

Hi Clive.
I like the look of these kirk's
particualy the pose's
Do you know what became of the range ?


The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Paul

I don't think they would be on anyone's list of old moulds to track down. A few of the figures are acceptable and some are pretty poor. I haven't heard anything about what might have happened to them after they went out of production, but that doesn't mean they might not still be out there somewhere...