Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thomas Industries American Civil War range

Thomas Industries produced some of the earliest 20mm wargame figures in the United States, in 1953. These very small 20mm models are still available and have been produced since at least 1973 by K&L Company. They have no web presence so I feel it is appropriate to present them here. I am expecting a paper catalogue (thanks Don) and will look to post additional information when i have it.

In the meantime, i can post pictures of some infantry figures, some horse teams and the exquisite equipment models - guns, limbers, caissons and wagon.


mekelnborg said...

What, you can still get these How??

Did you ever get that catalog?

One of my friends has a number of these, and I would sure like some too.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Ys I did - if you select "Thomas" using the labels further down the page on the right hand side (below the "followers" feature) you will access scans of the catalogue.

This was back in 2008 but the postal address was

K & L Company

P.O. Box 52281 Tulsa, OK 74152

Snail mail was the only way to order from them. If you contaact them and do manage to get a paper catalogue, coould you post another comment to let people know they are still in business?


mekelnborg said...

Yes I'll give it a shot, thank you.
Er, no pun intended!