Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lamming SYW Range - further discoveries

I have recently acquired some largish reinforcements of Lamming SYW foot figures. Nothing new here but there were a snall number of cavalry figures. There are dragoons with two horse varieties - these look similar to those already posted earleir, I have only compared the photos so far rather than the figures themselves; a cuirassier who seems different to the Prussian figure I have seen before; and a hussar variant with busby rather than Mirliton.

I am mainly concentrating on Medievals at the moment but once I start painting up the SYW foot I will have a go at constructing some kind of listing of all the Lamming SYW figures of which I am aware.


MSFoy said...

Clive - how do these line up for size with S-Range?

Cheers - Tony

Vintage Wargaming said...

Tony - broadly similar, the Lamming horses might be ever so slightly bigger