Thursday, 5 November 2009

A pair and a half of Wellingtons

I posted earlier about the very early Rose 20mm figure of the Duke of Wellington. As I have 30 plus of this figure I had wondered what to do with them. As they have very little raised or engraved detail, and their over long pointing arm can be easily animated, and are dressed in long riding coat and boots, they are very adaptable by paint conversion to a range of uses.

The photographs show three Spanish Generals (above), after Bueno - a field marshal, a lieutenant general and a brigadier; and (below) a Polish staff officer (after Knotel), a Spanish infantry colonel, and a mounted Royal Navy Captain to command my Hinton Hunt RN Landing Parties and Marines.

Thge Rose 20mm figures have always seemed pleaingly stylised to me and I think these figures will fill a variety of roles for me in the future.

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Stryker said...

30 Wellingtons - that should give Napoleon a run for his money! Nice little figure.