Sunday, 31 May 2009

Minifigs 20mm FNC 8 Polish Guard Lancer

A good example of a figure which was only ever a Minifigs 20mm, never an Alberken, as it was one of the later additions to the range. I haven't had time to compare the figure to FNC 11, Dutch Guard Lancer, and these may even be FNC 11s (I'm not sure of the differences without looking at the two figures side by side).

These two units are a recent e-bay acquisition. They have been rebased, paintwork on the horses and lances touched up. The soft metal cast lances are characteristic of Minifigs 20mm and seldom survive well. It is always a dilemma whether to replace them with wire - in general I will leave the originals if they look in reasonable condition. They simply don't stand up well to handling or storage. I did remove one broken lance and provided the figure with a replacement light cavalry sword, to provide an officer.

These two units are earmarked to provide a cavalry element to my (mainly Hinton Hunt) Grand Duchy of Warsaw figures.

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