Sunday, 31 May 2009

Alberken and Minifigs 20mm FNC 3 Cuirassier

One of the original Alberken Napoleonics, carried forward into the Minifigs 20mm range, was this one piece casting French Cuirassier. These 20 figures representing the 1st Cuirassiers are a recent acquisition. They have been rebased,and some basic paint touching up. Additionally the sword arm was removed from the figure which had been painted as a trumpeter. This arm was donated to the Carabinier posted below, and replaced with a Tumbling Dice Crimean Wars trumpet arm. The stump of the accompanying officer's sword was removed and replaced with (I think) an RSM 25 heavy cavalry weapon.

The swords on these figures are problematic. The heavy cavalry swords usually lose around a quarter of their length from the tip; the figures may have a mass sword replacement programme to come. The same issue can be seen to an even greater degree on the Austrian Chevaulegers figures posted above.

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