Friday, 14 November 2008

Les Higgins 20mm English Civil War Period

I suspect the English Civil War might have been Les Higgins' greatest love, as he made three outstanding ranges of figures for it - 54mm, the 30mm Jason series, and the 20mm wargames series. Pikemen were supplied without pikes, for you to supply your own from wire - this got round the thick oversize cast pike problem later to be found with Minifigs S and later ranges. I have had a number of these figures for some years without hvaing enough to consider creating units or armies. The good news then is that these figures are soon to be in production again - please see under the Marlborough range introduction for more information on this. Along with the Marlborough range these are very small "true" 20mm figures, a scale that doesn't really have any other figures available in it. The two ranges (ECW and Marlborough) shared three variants of horse models; there were two Marlborough and one ECW artillery pieces.

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I love his figures.Great blog