Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Miniature Figurines 30mm Napoleonic Range

Over on his Glorious Little Soldiers blog, Andy Copestake has posted some pictures of his recently completed Miniature Figurines 30mm range Chasseurs a Cheval of the French Imperial Guard. From the various comments it is clear not too many people know Minifigs ever made these, and Andy himself says he has never seen any horses (his chasseurs are on Stadden or Willie mounts) or a listing anywhere for this range.

Always willing to help, here is the list, from the 1972/3 catalogue:

No horses here but there is a picture of one in an earlier post (from 2010) here, on which I see Andy had actually left two comments. This is the John Cross review of Miniature Figurines S Range and 30mm figure ranges from Military Modelling Magazine in August 1970. Some at least of the figures had separate arms.


Ross Mac said...

I loved the pictures in that catalogue. I ordered a sample, General with map and a dismounted Hussar for an ADC. Alas I got swept up in 25mm ancients and then it is too late.

Vintage Wargaming said...

I think at one point Dave Ryan at Caliver was wondering about re-releasing some of the 30mm figures, which would mean the moulds are not long lost as the S Range ones were/are. But I could be wrong.

Robbie Rodiss said...

You know I thought I knew a lot about Mini Figs and then you pull this one out of the hat. It looked a cracking range, but would have been well out of my budget range back in 1970.I can understand why they didnt pursue it though.

Stryker said...

Now I see it I remember!