Saturday, 4 May 2013

Warrior ECW listing

This is the listing of the (old) Warrior ECW range from a catalogue dated May 1973. I have had the scans for quite some time so I must have forgotten to post them earlier.

I also have some photos from anebay auction.

The figures were very flashy and I suspected they might be recasts rather than original figures, so was able to resist the temptation to bid.

They do, however, illustrate some of the range quite well.


johnpreece said...

Actually they look nicer here than I remember them.

The dismountable dragoon had a huge scabbard which enabled him to stand like a kangaroo. I remember the then owner being inordinately proud of this unique design feature and wondering why he was the only designer to think of it.

I did have the preacher, Parson Shorthouse or some such that delighted my adolescent humour at the time.

Ah, happy days

Willie Anderson said...

My first metal figures were Warrior!

Mike Creek said...

Great stuff. I love a range with a lot of different figure types, and guns. The flags are good too.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek