Tuesday, 6 September 2011

John Niblett

Thanks to Harry for a copy of the Hummel House of Miniatures catalogue from the early sixties.

Hummel were an upmarket toy, models and miniatures shop in Burlingtion Arcade and concentrated on top end makes for collectors.

Among the best of these wre John Niblett's one inch figures - just check out the prices. Garrett in Collecting Model Soldiers says" these lovely little figures were the first to be made in England in such a tiny size, and they remain the finest in this particular scale.". In his World Encyclopedia of Model Soldiers Garret states that these figures were available from 1950 to 1963 .


Maverick Collecting said...

Just put a few of these over on my Airfix blog, check under 'Sheriff of Nottingham'!!

Brian Carrick said...

Hi, I've just put some colour pictures up on my Collecting Toy Soldiers blog if they are of any interest. The 20mm figures were also sold unassembled and unpainted manufactured by R & J Furzeland as "Tribute Figures", have you ever heard of them?

Best wishes, Brian

Vintage Wargaming said...


Vintage 20mil had some information on Niblett Tribute Figures issued by Rosedale Figurines of Lancaster (later Scotland) - I assume these may be the same. Vintage 20mil seems to be no longer with us but can be found via the way back machine - this is the link http://web.archive.org/web/20110719132124/http:/www.intonet.co.uk/~rblack/- click on Niblett and scroll down the page