Saturday, 16 July 2011

GHQ Seven Years War Range

Thanks to John Cunningham for pictures of some of this range.

I have previously posted a listing for the Naploeionic range (see here) and have seen pictures of some of the figures, but have no list for the SYW range and had not seen any of the figures before. The figures were finely detailed (as you would expect from the makers of GHQ microarmor, and had separate heads and muskets.

Austrian Command

Austrian Infantry

Highland Infantry

Prussian Musketeers

Prussian Grenadiers


Anonymous said...

Now they are a thing of beauty.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Wow, they look more like 30mm figures!

Best Regards,


MSFoy said...

What lovely figures - never seen any before. Very impressed - thanks for showing these.

johnpreece said...

Wonderful figures. So much character in 20mm.

GHQ, if I recall correctly, were one of those companys who were extremely reluctant to sell you any of there products.

Prince Lupus said...

These are splendid indeed.

Are the moulds lost? A challenge for Mr Cunningham surely!!

DC said...

They are indeed gorgeous figures, and rare as hens teeth - the only other substantial collection i know of was last heard of in the possession of Frank Hinchliffe. A small lot came up on ebay last year (IIRC the cavalry were in 3 parts - horse, sadle, etc. and rider) but i was sensible and resisted...8-(

If they were brought back into production then i would fear for my overdraft...


Cameron Robinson said...

I carried some stock of these when I had a store in Belfast, U.K. Very fine figures, but a bit fiddly to assemble. I can't remember how many positions were planned, but Prussians marching with slung muskets (as in photo) were not popular. I was tempted but given the cost didn't go build an army. Now thirty years on am using the new HAT figures to build two armies based on Battle of Leuthen.