Monday, 25 April 2011

Lamming Miniatures - excellent news

I am very glad to see that Tony Barr of ERM Miniatures is the new owner of Lamming Miniatures, with plans to bring the ranges back in production over time.

TMP announcement here: (you can vote for which range Tony remasters first)

and ERM website is here


MSFoy said...

This really is excellent news. My chief interest is in the Napoleonics, which may not be a priority - I would guess the medieval ranges will be in big demand. The original series suffered from progressive scale-creep over a period, so I am very interested to see which moulds still exist. The artillery pieces were particularly good, as I recall.



Nick Elsden said...

Indeed splendid news. As tony says, the medieval range might prove most popular, but his ancient Indian chariots are also splendid models.

Best wishes,