Saturday, 13 November 2010

Scruby 25mm Napoleonics

My thanks to Bill in the US, who has responded to my earlier posts here on Scruby figures. In response to comments on the scarcity of the figures themselves in the UK and pictures of them in general on the web, Bill has sent a large number of pictures of 15mm (N Gauge), 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 45mm ranges.

I have put the 25mm ones - all Napoleonics - into a slideshow below. At a later date I may make individual posts for the figures featured; but at least the slideshow will give an impression of these figures.

Bill's pictures of the other ranges may appear in due course over on Vintage Wargaming


MSFoy said...

Nice pictures - thanks for putting them up. I'm never sure what to make of Scruby, I have a fairly heavy box of unpainted Scrubies, and I do intend to make a few useful battalions out of it, but some of the castings are a bit on the crude side - cavalrymen without scabbards, drums with the tensioners scored into the body of the drum instead of being cast in 3D. And yet they seem to paint up nicely. They do a very nice French artillery horse and driver - I have a few which I hope will come in very useful for my backlog of limbers and crews.


Stryker said...

Really interesting to see them Clive so thanks for that. They do look a bit basic but have a certain charm. The ones that Matt has posted on his blog look lovely en-masse and I will be interested to see how his Scruby Crimean project turns out.