Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ros 25mm Napoleonics

Prompted by Tony's post on his Prometheus in Aspic blog, I have dug out my few examples of Ros 25mm Napoleonics. They looked exciting when they came out, as they were very cheap, metal, and offered normal-but-exotic things like British infantry in Stovepipes. I dithered and never bought any, but have acquired a few since.

The pictures show Prussians, a small unit of Austrian infantry, and some French foot artillery (thanks to Iain for this last picture).

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BigRedBat said...

I bought quite a few Ros in the mid '70's. My army was mostly Russians, inspired by the BBC War and Peace, (the artillery shown here, and Pavlogradsky Hussars), British and French. I still have a box in the loft, somewhere. Takes me back!

Cheers, Simon