Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jacklex Pancho Villa range - artillery now available

Peter Johnstone of Spencer Smith Miniatures has been in touch again with pictures of the artillery pieces and crews for this range.

He writes:

I am attaching photos of the artillery pieces for this conflict: the Mexican French 75mm gun and crew and, for the Americans, the Erhardt gun and crew.

As it will take a while to update my website, the codes are:

PEA102 CREW 1.80

PEM101 75MM GUN 2.50
PEM102 CREW 1.80

More bits to follow.

Please pass on my thanks to those stalwart Jacklex customers who are supporting this new range.

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Maverick Collecting said...

Is it my imagination or are they almost the same money as they were 20 years ago?!!