Friday, 21 May 2010

Almark/Charles Stadden 20mm WW2 figures

In March 1973 Almark added some lead World War 2 figures designed by Charles Stadden to their two existing sets of plastic British Infantry and British Infantry weapons.

These are very elegant figures which were sold shrink wrapped onto display cards.

An original advert from Almark's Modelworld magazine from May 1973 is shown, together with pictures of some actual figures.

Information on the two plastic sets is available on Plastic Soldier Review:

British Infantry set here


British Infantry Weapons here


Maverick Collecting said...

By the time of the US Infantry I think they were issued in pick-your-own counter boxes in blue, or am I getting them confused with the Hinchliffe 20mm? I'm sure I've got both...I'll have a look!

Stryker said...

Another fascinating little post Clive. I don't remember these metal ones at all but the series of 5 plastic British soldiers pictured in the ad is familiar. I'm sure these same figures were used in a "battlefield" game in the late 60s. My brother & I had it - consisting of a plastic terrain board about 2' square with a trench at either end and hedged fields in the middle. The idea was to advance your men (who had little pegs under there bases that you put into holes on the terrain) from your trench to the enemy's trench. The whole thing was raised up and had a clever spring loaded gun at each end that you aimed and fired that brought an arm up under the terrain board and knock the enemy soldiers up in the air! There were also spring loaded "mines" that you placed under the board at the start of the game in secrecy. Honestly, I'm not making this up! Anyone any idea what it was called?


Maverick Collecting said...

'The Battlegame' by Tri-Ang, it's two feet square and over a foot tall!

Styrene 'Oak trees' on long letter-opener blades, ethylene barbed-wire entanglements in dark chocolate brown, orange and green figures with Officer, NCo's and sapper given painted helmets (red, white and green) in some sets.