Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Scruby Miniatures black and white photos from John C Candler's Miniature Wargames du temps de Napoleon

John C Candler self-published this famous set of early wargames rules in 1964 - a little information can be found here in an earlier post on my Vintage Wargaming blog.

The rules are illustrated with black and white pictures of Jack Scruby's 30mm Napoleonics range. I don't know whether the 30mm figures and 25mm figures are the same poses in different sizes, but the pictures are here for interest.

The photographs are attributed to Tom Bookwalter and to Pete Nungesser.


Anonymous said...

I have sat here watching this post unfold for nearly an hour! First off, thank you soooo much for your patience! As I watched it I gathered that they may well be the 30mm figures (by comparing it to the current catalogue). However some of the poses (Guard Mtd Grenadiers in Reserve) are now only available in 25mm. Whatever-I want to recreate "Prussians and Russians Assaulting French Line and Guard".

Blooming fantastic!


The Old Metal Detector said...

That's mildly spooky....

Anonymous said...

Does make me sound rather sad doesn't it!?!

Anorak Matt

Chris said...

Dear Mr. Detector,

A couple of things I've been meaning to tell you about:

1. I've located some pictures of Scruby figs, but I can't send them on to you except as an attachment document to an ordinary email. Is there an address I can use?

2. Bob Cordery said you might be interested in Henry Bodenstedt's castle siege game from the 1960's (Siege of Bodenberg). Pics of the original pages can be found at:
I have Henry's other games as well ("Graveyard-St. Privat" (1870), and Remagen Bridge (1945)). Unfortunately, what I have are my own edited versions, not pictures of the original pages (except for the 1870 map), as I no longer have access to them, but I would be happy to send copies to you if you want.

I've only recently caught on to what's available in the blogosphere--really quite interesting.

Best regards,

Chris Johnson

The Old Metal Detector said...

Hi Chris

if you scroll down the right hand column of the front page, under the picture of the Lamming Highlanders, thre is a section called contacting the Old metal Dtector. If you click on the word "here" at the end of the second paragraph, this should open an e-mail to me which you can use.

I would be interested in all the material you mention.The Henry Bodenstedt stuff would probably go onto my Vintage Wargaming blog