Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Wall Models 20mm, from Waramer's Newletter #102 September 1970

I have just come across this reference in Don Featherstone's "Must List" from Wargamer's Newsletter in September 1970. I don't remember any other reference to Wall Models and certainly can't find anything on Vintage 20mil. Does anyone out there know anything further?


Maverick Collecting said...

Garratt's encyclopaedia states;

"Mayhew, E. A mysterious figure of the 1960's-70's, whose models - whether originals or convertions remain obscure - were advertised from time to time in the United States and in Denmark. He appears to have been in Leiston, Suffolk, in 1970, and to have produced 54mm solids"

I guess he was approached by Mr. Wall, but that following a premature announcement, nothing concrete emerged. Garratt says nothing about Mr Wall, and the only 'Wall' figures mentioned are R.L.Walls' Wall Figurines of St. Louis, USA.

There's nothing for either guy on TMP either. While Google reveals a troope of puppets once belonging to a Ted Mathew at the Theatre Museum (The National Museum of the Performing Arts), one suspects - not the same guy?!!

lewisgunner said...

I have two guns and crews from the AWI that I think are Wall models. Nice pieces.
I bought them off Ebay a couple of years ago.