Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Alymer list

Alymer Miniploms Armies of the worlld were HO gauge (smaller than 20mm, 1/87 scale)miniatures which were available in painted sets which came in clear plastic cases. They were used extensivelly by early US Wargamer Gerard de Gre and pictures of his collection appeared regularly in Wargamer's Newsletter.
Some of these pictures and other Alymer related items to do with Gerard de Gre are posted on Vintage Wargaming


Maverick Collecting said...

Although they are catalogued, each was unique, as the construction method involved building them up from soft-solder on piano wire or cut-down pins.

In that synergic way of things, I found my few the other night as they share a box with some painted Nibblets and the MDM I posted the night before last.

I think the catalogue was a list of what he would make - to order - and he would then follow a paint pattern. They are exquisite, I'll put mine (all 6!) up in a while...I was looking for something to publish tonight!!

The Old Metal Detector said...

Thanks Hugh

I've added a hyperlink at the bottom of the post to the Alymer pictures and references on my Vintage Wargaming blog.