Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rose 20mm Zulu War range

A small range of well liked figures, Rob Young at Garrison did not have the moulds for these. However, he has now been able to remaster them from some vinbtage figures and they will be avaialable again shortly(I am not sure if this will include AW24 and AW4).

First released in 1973, there were five British infantry figures, including a dead/wounded figure, and five Zulus. I have had some of the loading British for a while - a lovely figure. The Zulus also look good - I particularly like AW23, throwing assegai. Proportioned like plastic figures I imagine they will look very good painbted and en masse. This is maybe particularly good timing for their re-release, given the major push on Colonial sets in plastic by HaT Industrie.

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