Friday, 27 November 2009

Rose 1965 Catalogue - Wargames

The 1965 Catalogue adds the mounted Napoleonic and the ACW figures to the listings in the 1960 Catalogue. It also includes photos of some of the figures and of the artillery equipment. Rob Young at Garrison has the French Cannon WG 5 in production, it is a nice clean model. I don't know whether the other guns and the limbers will be available in due course, or whether Rob has moulds for these - I will update this post when I find out.

I will add some pictures of Rose units as and when they become available to me.


Xaltotun of Python said...

Consider it updated (and it's partly you're fault)!

Firstly, I have the original masters for both the French and British Napoleonic guns and limbers. Likewise, the ACW gun and limber. They are sitting in a tin tobacco box neatly embedded in polystyrene sheet.

I put the French gun out first because I also had a few castings of these to use as masters so could put 2 complete guns on a mould.

Some kind souls enabled me to get out all of the French Napoleonics and Colonials, which used up a fair chunk of my moulds budget. One disadvantage of a large range such as mine - I estimate that, if I put everything out, it would be over 2,000 figures - is that getting new moulds made gets expensive!

So, sales in October being below target, sales so far in November being way down (though I'll be casting four French guns today - they sell well) chances are it will be in the New Year before I get round to the other Rose guns.

Hopefully, I will do them at the same time as I do the 25mm SF range I'm currently cleaning up.

Another job for today is to get phots in the catalogue for everything as well.


Red Cardinal said...

These are nice figures. I wouldn't mind having the artillery for my current 20mms :)