Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I have been in a bit of a quandary about what to do about Jacklex on this blog. I love these figures, particularly the Colonial and Russo Japanese War ranges. I used to gaze longingly at the Harrow Model Shop adverts, in the days when I had no money for metal figures and mail order just wasn't a realistic option. I had dreams of a siege of Mafeking campaign, and a North West Frontier set up involving an invading Russian army.

My rule of thumb is that I will post information on out of production figures, and if they are still in production I shouldn't be doing the manufacturer's advertising for them. The complete Jacklex ranges (American Civil War, Colonial, Russo Japanese War, Workd War 1) are available from Peter Johnstone at Spencer Smith Miniatures - his excellent web site has listings and pictures of most of the figures and wonderful equipment sets here (use the Jacklex drop down menu to select the range you wish to view).

My dilemma has been solved by receiving some pictures of figures Jack Alexander has produced for his own gaming (please note these are a private project and are not commercially available). These Mexican/American figures are characteristic of Jacklex style and poses, and are simply brilliant.

I have also received pictures of various ships - Colonial gunboat and steam launch, South Sea Junks, Samurai castle, and ACW Colonial House- which can be viewed over on the Vintage Wargaming blog. It's fantastic to see the quality of the modelling - the pictures are inspirational.


Fraxinus said...

Jacklex at Harrow model shop now sadly no more ...I remember the adverts & seeing them there I used to look longingly around the wargames figs & models when dad called in to buy model railway and similarly had no pocket money to purchase although somewhere I have a French WW1 limber & gun which I think is Jacklex. i liked them as they seemed better proportioned especially compared to the tubby minifigs of that era 7 could be used with plastic

DC said...

Probably just as well for my wallet that these aren't available..there's something about sombreros... Great stuff!

Duncan said...

I managed to pick up the last of the Jacklex range from the Harrow model shop...he had a few limbers and the odd Colonial figures.

Now that Hat has added to their Colonial range with the Camel Corps I have at last finished painting the Jacklex limbers with a few of the Sailors and mule holders.

I just have to get out my cc and purchase a few more of these great figures from the Spencer Smith site.

The Jacklex models are simply a great range of Colonial figures.

Thanks for a great site

General Slim said...

Bad news for DC I'm afraid these little gems from Jack are soon to hit the market and will be added to our existing range of Jacklex figures. Masters are done, moulds will be ready shortly, and then Jack will put the guns together for me. Everything should be up and running inside a month.

Peter at Spencer Smith Miniatures