Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Scruby 20mm Ancients: post 1

Still available in the States from Historifigs, these figures are small, "US 20mm" figures, similar in size to, for example, Thomas 20mm, or among more recent manufacturers RSM or Newline 20mm figures. Scruby's 25mm figures are more compatible with traditional UK 20mms.

In this article from The War Game Digest, Fall 1971 David Rusk considers some of the main Ancient nations with reference to the Scruby range.

I don't know if Mr Rusk ever wrote part II of this article (see final page), to cover Romans, Carthaginians and others; if so I don't have a copy of it.

This article has been spread across two posts.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting (& nice) do the Scruby 25mms feature against the UK definition of 20mm?


The Old Metal Detector said...

Matt, Scruby 25mms are a reasonable match size wise for UK 20mms. All Scrubies seem to be a bit crude and sketchy on detail - I've always found it very hard to locate any pictures of them on line. Don't have many myself, but they are of course all avaialable from Mike Taber at Historifigs in the States.