Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Pictures from Miniature Warfare magazine: Miniature Figurines 20mm English Civil War

This picture shows part of George Gush's collection. In addition to his well known marathon series on Renaissance Warfare in Airfix Magazine from 1973-75, he had previously (1970) written a six part series on the English Civil War in Miniature Warfare, which will be appearing over on Vintage Wargaming.

His other publications included the Airfix Magazine Guide 28: The English Civil War, with Martin Windrow 1973; contributed much of the excellent little Discovering English Civil Wargaming, edited by John Tunstill (1973); WRG rules (1979) for 1420-1700 and army lists (1984); Guide to Wargaming (1980); and Renaissance Armies 1489-1650, based on his Airfix Magazine series (1982).


Katie Cresswell said...

I have some magazines that I would like to sell. Can you tell me the best way to go about it. Is there a collectors club that may be interested. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Yours Sincerely
Colin Reed

MW and MS vol 5 No 1 Apr 1972
MW vol 4 No 10 Nov 1971
MW vol 4 No 7 Aug 1971
MW Vol 4 No 5 Jun 1971
MW and MS Vol 5 No 4 Jul 1972
MW Vol 4 No 9 Oct 1971
MW Vol 4 No 11 Dec 1971
MW Vol 4 No 6 Jul 1971
MW and MS Vol 6 No 6 Oct 1973
MW and MS Vol 5 No 3 Jun 1972
MW and MS Militaria Date unknown
MW and MS Vol 5 No 6 Sep 1972
MW and MS Vol 5 No 7 Oct 1972
MW and MS Vol 5 No 8 no date
MW and MS Vol 5 No 11 no date.

Vintage Wargaming said...


in general people find collections of wargames mags quite difficult to sell, especially large runs. ebay is always a possibility if you don't mind the hassle - you may find the person that wants that particular issue. I don't think they have any particular value.

You could try putting a note on the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group. Equally some readers her might be interested - unfortunately as this is a comment on an old post though I've added a comments widget which would put it on the front page.

You also might want to post something on my Vintage Wargaming blog.

You list 4 issues I don't have myself -Apr 72, Jul 72, Oct 72 and Vol 5 No 11 which I would be interested in - you can email me using the email link under Contact the Old Metal Detector below.