Sunday, 31 May 2009

Alberken and Minifigs 20mm AN 1 Hungarian line fusilier on guard

A figure from both the original Alberken and later Minifigs 20mm range, and particularly useful for anyone wanting Austrian infantry in helmets. Alberken were pretty much the only option here as Marcus Hinton restricted himself to the later shako hatted troops. This newly acquired unit is awaiting some horse trading with the other Alberken Austrians I have to sort out officers between them.

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lewisgunner said...

Replace away. That's what they did back in the 60's, swapping heads and rebasing horses on brass plates with different leg positions. They created trumpeters by soldering on arms with trumpets, added swords and sabres and swapped heads with abandon. Go to. Such conversioms are completely acceptable within the classic oeuvre..