Wednesday, 28 January 2009

NOTICE: Les Higgins and Douglas Miniatures Figure Availability

Important news for collectors or wargamers using figures from these two manufacturers.

The Les Higgins English Civil War and Marlburian Ranges, and the Douglas Miniatures Marlburian Range, are now available again by contacting

Wodensfield 20mm Seven Years War French figures will be available as a 36 piece set from the same source at the end of February.

There will be a small number of additional figures released for the Les Higgins English Civil War and Marlburian ranges shortly, and the Douglas Miniatures Crimean Range are currently being mastered.

Along with the efforts of Rob at Garrison and Angel at NapoleoN, this promises to be something of a Golden Age for the availability of new casts of old ranges.

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DC said...

That's great news - the Crimean range is particularly tempting.