Thursday, 13 November 2008

Les Higgins 25mm Napoleonic Range

Les Higgins produced a range of French and British Napoleonic "true" 25mm figures, cast in pewter and sold in packs of four infantry or two cavalry. Pictures of the range from an original Les Higgins first edition catalogue are reproduced below. After Les Higgins death, Phoenix Model Developments added figures to the range, sculpted by Tim Richards. These included some rather good gun crews, a British Infantry Command pack, and more cavalry figures. I have a Phoenix catalogue including these additional figures but can't locate it just at the moment - I will add at a later date.

The figures are slim and on rectangular bases. Early castings have Les Higgins, England in script on the base; the later Phoenix production of these and the new figures have PMD and a code number. Typically (for the Napoleonics and European infantry in the colonial range) there are four poses per troop type - at the ready, advancing, standing firing and kneeling ready. Bayonets were particularly delicate. Officers are universally standing with one foot on a small anthill and pointing somewhat effetely...

As ever, the whole story can be found on Vintage 20mil.

Spanish 20mm manufacturer NapoleoN have just announced that they are re-releasing the range, which is extremely good news. They are starting with the French foot dragoons, and have a rather lovely picture of their castings of these on their web site.

I will be adding pictures of figures and possibly units of these Les Higgins figures to the catalogue listings posts below, as time and photography allows.

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