Friday, 14 November 2008

Les Higgins 20mm 'Marlborough' Series

This range is considered by some to be simply the best range of wargames figures ever produced. Certainly in sculpting, style, the way the range was thought out, charm and character they are hard to beat. They were brilliant in their time and are very hard to beat now. They are "true" 20mm figures, which means that the only other figures they are truly compatible with are... the Les Higgins 20mm English Civil War range.

The good news is that the Marlburians are now, and the ECW will shortly be, available again. For details of how to obtain them, go to the home page of Vintage 20mil and click on the Marlburian link at the top of the page.

Some extra figures have been developed to add to the range. The only one I am including here at present is the previously unreleased figure at the end of these listings, as I am reasonably sure from its provenance may be an original Les Higgins sculpt which was never released commercially.

Cast in pewter they were originally available in packs of 4 foot figures or 2 mounted figures plus horses. The two march attack figures tend to suffer from broken bayonets. Glorious individually these figures also look splendind en masse and really give what feels an authentic representation of warfare at this time.

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old john said...

new additions to LH Marlburian range
MP34 Drummer no lace, different coat
MP35 "Yomping" suitable as nco, ensign, siege worker, pikeman etc
MP36 "Yomping" with musket
MP37 as MP14 no lace on coat
cheers john