Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wargames Foundry 20mm WW2 range

In something of an excursion from their usual business, Wargames Foundry produced a range of 20mm figures for WW2 designed by Alan and Michael Perry. The range started in 1990 and gained semi mythical status after it was discontinued, with rumours of destroyed moulds doing the rounds.

In fact, Foundry still have the moulds and recast some figures several years ago to test them. It is intended to release some at least of the figures, probably in packs, sometime in 2009.

As they are in the meantime out of general production I thought I would cover them here. I have worked from a series of advertisements in Wargames Illustrated magazine from 1990 and 1991 at the time of the release and extension of the range, not from a catalogue, so I didn't have the benefit of a catalogue with a complete listing. However, thanks to Alan, Smon and others over on the Society of Gentlemen Gamers I've been reminded that there was a full list in the original Rapid Fire rules booklet, and I have reproducesd it here. this adds some British, German, French and American figures, plus tank crews and seated trops in the equipment range, WWE 21-27. I'll add posts for these figures gradually, although I don't currently have drawings or photographs for most of them.

The advertisements for the range were illustrated with line drawings, which I have used here to illustrate the posts. They have a certain feel about them and would certainly help you identify any figures you have. I intend to add photos as and when the become available.

Infantry codes ran to 109 and there were also 27 equipment groups (crewed support weapons and tank and vehicle crews). The range covered ten nationalities plus unspecified European Resistance Movement figures, and made many subjects generally available for the first time.

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