Sunday 28 June 2020

Lamming French Napoleonic Cavalry original range FC 26 Mameluke with Blunderbuss

A very recent acquisition - a first series Lamming Napoleonic Mameluke with Blunderbuss.

Very welcome for a number of reasons:

  1. It is an extremely attractive figure
  2. I have not seen many Lamming original series cavalry, they have mostly been the reworked "heroic" figures
  3. I have had an example/examples of the later series figure for years and have always wondered what the original figure looked like - the later one holds his blunderbuss vertically.
  4. I have a large number of S Range Mamelukes from the French Revolution & Egypt Campaign to paint at some point (these are different to the French Napoleonic ones in carrying small round shields) and he will make a good and distinctive leader figure for them.

First of all pictures from different angles to show the figure off in the round:

And then a comparison shot.

Unfortunately I don't have the later FC 26 figure to hand so this is the FC 27 Mameluk Officer.

This photo is not very successful in showing the difference in size and build of the two figures but if I can find the later series FC 26 figure I will do a further comparison shot with that.


Rob said...

He’s a beauty, you must post him again when painted.

Vintage Wargaming said...

Rob I'll only spoil him. Need to give some thought to the most suitable horse as well